Foray the Indian medical sector,
into the field of possibilities

CARNA, the company name, is recognized as a goddess who protects people's health in Roman mythology.

Carna will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year, and since its establishment, has focused on problems in the Indian medical industry at an early stage. We have been "contributing to the sound development of the medical community in India", which is the philosophy of our establishment, by developing a database business and establishing the Carna Health Support Club.

The population of the Republic of India is expected to exceed the population of China in 2023, and with this increase, demand related to medical care is also expected to grow significantly. In recent years, many Japanese companies are planning to expand their business in India, and we support companies with Carna's unique consulting business, which can only be achieved because we have been diligently monitoring trends in the Indian medical industry.

We make use of our strong connections with local hospitals, wholesalers, and medical associations to make customized proposals for each company. This year, we have further expanded our services and acquired wholesale licenses for "medical products" and "food products".

In the future, we will develop total support for Japanese companies entering India from consulting to import sales.

Please feel free to contact us for consultation and inquiries about entering the Indian market.

CEO & MD Mr. Hideki Ohtani
Date of Incorporation 13th Nov, 2013
No. of Employees 11
Capital 20 Crore INR (Capital Ratio : 70% - Konoike Transport Co., Ltd. , 30% - Medius Holding Co., Ltd.)
Business Description
  • Construction and Delivery of Medical Material Database
  • Construction of Logistic Network
  • Consulting Business Utilizing Databases
  • "Indian Medical Materials Database Site" for medical device manufacturers, wholesalers and customers involved in hospital management.
  • Carna Health Support Club, a health support service for Japnese expats in India.
  • Supporting Suspension of Japanese companies in India

セミナー」第二部 概要

テーマ: 「インド向け医療機器の開発でぶつかる障壁とは?」
開催日時: 2023 年 9 月 27 日(水)
日本時間 18:00-19:15
会場: オンライン開催