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Carna is a protective goddess, who brings strength to the physical body.

Carna Medical Database Private Limited was established in November 2013, Gurgaon, to implement the use of Japanese technology in order to create and distribute a medical consumable database and establishing a logistic network to smoothen Indian medical healthcare supply chain management system.

The company is a joint venture between Konoike Transport and Medius Holdings with a capital investment of 200 million Indian rupees (capital ratio-70% Konoike Transport and 30% Medius Holdings).

Our objective is to deliver services to hospitals, medical manufacturers and medical distributors by providing them seven levels of classification and a unique coding system for each medical product. This database will incorporate detailed information about all the consumables, disposables and implants available at a single search enabled and interactive platform.

Healthcare in India is growing at a very fast pace. Lots of new hospitals are opening and healthcare has taken a tremendous leap in service standards. But, the supply chain is still at its primitive stage, the orders are still made manually and a lot of discrepancies are observed in nomenclature of products at various levels. It has been determined that uniform codes for each medical material will play a vital role in the development of medical supply chain management system.


We contribute to the growth of the Indian healthcare to create a healthy and safe lifestyle for all, by providing the society with medical material data and analysis.


To be the pioneer information provider and advisors of healthcare products services and information across India.

Why choose us?

We plan to build the most valuable and extensive medical consumable database which will help reduce nomenclature discrepancies and promote high level of traceability in Medical supply chain.