The 21st century is a digital book where technology is the lens to read it through. As we advance forward, the need for better, faster, and consolidative technologies is inevitable. The world is growing at a faster pace than ever and industries are larger than ever today!

However; the bigger the industries grow, the closer technology seems to bring them. Take the banking industry for instance. A few decades ago tourists could get currency exchanged at a handful of places; credit cards were a luxury for the rich; and ATM cards were scarcer than diamonds. Yet, today, if we look around, credit and debit cards work internationally, ATM vestibules are available everywhere, and international money transfers take place at the blink of an eye! We owe these feats to technology. If we consider another industry, let’s say the healthcare industry, the story is quite different.

The healthcare industry, whether globally as a whole or country-wise is still quite fragmented and scattered. It is an industry that is long due consolidative technological innovations. It shall come as no surprise that database solutions could be a primary player in this process. Databases work as a primary source of vast amounts of amalgamated information.

Keeping that in mind we at Carna Medical Database present to you India’s first consolidated Database of medical consumables and disposables!

This is a database of medical consumables and disposables carrying around 40,000+ product data from 203 manufacturers across India. This data is spread across 22 hospital departments for ease of pinpointing specific products to specific needs.

The database aims to establish itself as the common platform for Indian healthcare between manufacturers, distributors, and hospitals. This would help:

  1. Introduction of the standard code which can be used by all healthcare stakeholders for EDI.
  2. 40000+ medical consumables, disposables and implants data.
  3. 22 Hospital departments covered.
  4. Use of QR codes for connecting to the website for easy ordering.

The database comes in 2 forms: a printed Medical Product Dictionary and an Online Database.

The printed dictionary contains QR codes for every product present in the dictionary. You can scan it using any QR code reading application on your smart phone or tablet. It will re-direct you to our website where you can connect with the manufacturer of the product for more information like delivery dates, prices etc…

The online database allows you to easily look at product information and compare it between manufacturers to get a better idea of the options available at your disposal. Once you have made your choice about procuring a specific product from a manufacturer, you can go ahead and connect with that company.

The database is still in its infant stages and as we approach more manufacturers and bring them on board it will keep growing. We hope to have all manufacturers and importers of medical consumables and disposables on board with us on our database as soon as possible!

With a streamlined supply chain the end result, inevitably, will be better patient safety and that is the sole reason for which manufacturers, hospitals, and IT service providers like ourselves exist!

If you wish to know more about out company please feel free to contact us anytime.