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In recent years, the Indian medical industry has been growing remarkably and is attracting attention from all over the world. While there are many Japanese companies considering entering the Indian medical industry, which has potential, it is also an industry with high barriers to new entrants.

In 2022, we obtained a medical product wholesale business license in India, and we are now able to provide total support from field surveys to import/export, sales and operation management. Based on the channels with hospitals, doctors, manufacturers, wholesalers, etc. that we have developed through our efforts so far, we will support our customers' expansion into India. Click here for more information or queries.

How we can help your product enter India

Product Import


Market Survey

Questionnaires, sampling, surveys, exhibition launch etc.



Help with decision making via detailed survey reports



Help acquiring import and other regulatory licenses


Product Sales

Act as product wholesaler on your behalf


Market Expansion

Increase in product sales using targeted marketing

Total support for Indian expansion from research to sales

セミナー」第二部 概要

テーマ: 「インド向け医療機器の開発でぶつかる障壁とは?」
開催日時: 2023 年 9 月 27 日(水)
日本時間 18:00-19:15
会場: オンライン開催