Three Way Stop Cock with Extension Tube (Brand Plusway-ET)

Three way stop cock with extension tube is to be used with any of the various infusion or transfusion devices in order to allow for attachment with any special or general purpose medical device, in order to improve ease of use also to provide an alternative channel for introduction of medicine to the patient.

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  • Carna Code
  • Product Code
  • Description
    Tube, Length 10cm, Outer Dia. 4mm, Inner Dia. 2.7mm
  • Biological Category
    Non Biological Product
  • Certification
    ISO & CE
  • GTIN
  • Packaging Size
    1 Piece(s)
  • MRP(INR)
  • Classification
    Medical Materials >> Patient >> Unspecified >> Multiple Departments >> - >> - >> Infusion-Transfusion >> Stopper Cock

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