New Delhi, Dec 04th 2015, a conference was conducted by Carna Medial Database Pvt. Ltd with Indraprastha Apollo and JVD Healthcare as organizing partners and Nissan Tamagawa hospital, Japan as a supporting partner, at the Hotel Crowne Plaza, New Delhi with focus to highlight the learning during Dialysis Medical Technicians and Nurses Training Programme in Japan.

This training programme was initiated for providing the three months training programme to the Indian staff in Japan. This training was not only to understand, use and adapt existing Japanese technology, but also to learn and create awareness about the methods and technology to improve the dialysis treatment in India.

This training and personnel exchange was organized between Japan and India with the goal of advancement in patient care of each hospital, in particular, and the entire Indian medical industry, in general.

A total of 3 batches with 6 Technicians/Nurses over the course of 3 weeks, was sent to Japan in order to get trained with the Japanese Technology and Dialysis treatment practice.

There were six plenaries during the conference. During the inaugural plenary, Dr. Col. L R Sharma, Director of Medical Sciences, Apollo hospital, addressed the Inaugural speech, he ensure that such training and personnel exchange can help the improvement of Dialysis technique in India.

Dr. Sanjiv Jasuja, Professor, MD and Sr. Consultant Nephrologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, gave a warm welcome address.

Ms. Sumio Kamo (GM Nurses, Tamagawa hospital, Japan) called for the importance of Infection control and the role of nurses in Dialysis treatment. Mr Hiromitsu Inoue (Director of clinical engineering at Tamagawa hospital) proposed about the overview of entire training programme. Mr. Yusuke Sato (Clinical Engineer at Tamagawa Hospital) added the facts related to training programme from ME’s point of view.

The conference was initiated with a series of invited presentations delivered by the trainees who attended this programme. Mr Ahmed Rasheed Khan (Clinical Engineer at Indraprastha Apollo) and Ms Mary Grace Tirkey (Nurse at Indraprastha Apollo), the sole female participant in this training programme, delivered their presentation about the Vision and Execution challenges.

Speakers also expressed their views on the issues that needed to be addressed for transforming the concept into practice.

All the above mentioned honourable guests and keynote speakers gave their energetic and fruitful contributions at this conference.

More than 50 attendees listened to the speakers, who represented different types of health care professionals.

The conference provided an opportunity for participants to share ideas, reach some consensus, agree on differences of opinion, and create a future action agenda.

Outcomes from the conference will be used in action plans and to transform the concept into meaningful practice.