Labeling and sales methods are huge differences from the point of view of dietary habits and regulations between India and Japan.

We have received queries such as "Plan to enter Indian Market but there is no staff to speak English fluently" and "What should we do to enter Indian Market" from our customers. Carna will propose customized solutions and provide End-to-end support to companies.



According to your requirement, we will propose a customized solution



If required, we will prepare the necessary items like Questionaires, Flyer etc


Exhibition Day

Our employees can exhibit on behalf of your company or provide support.


Post Exhibition

Based on the questionnaire results, we will analyze and report on the demand in India.

Plans to launch health support service for expatriates!

We implemented the collaboration with YOKUMIRU Corp, and we plan to launch Telehealth second opinion services for expatriates from December 2023.

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