Features and Advantages

  1. 1. Newly-designed PS Needle with "Needle Protection" decreases the risks of ...
    • Inadvertent puncture into the posterior wall of the stomach.
    • Needle-stick accident in medical personnel.
  3. 20Fr Balloon Catheter with the larger lumen allows semisolid nutritional supplement to be fed with ease.
    Stabilizer allows the catheter to be fixed horizontally along the patient's body to hold the catheter in a position when feeding is not done.
  5. Loop FixtureⅡ enables percutaneous gastropexy easily in a hand before PEG.

Plans to launch health support service for expatriates!

We implemented the collaboration with YOKUMIRU Corp, and we plan to launch Telehealth second opinion services for expatriates from December 2023.

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